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Uranus square Neptune

Escape Through Technology

Kelli Fox

You were born into global themes and issues that include drastic events with water, healing with technology and spiritual breakthroughs. These themes were not only evident in the news at the time you were born, but will also manifest in your personal life. Circumstances beyond your control may completely change your life at some point.

While you may have a strong attraction to water, do be especially careful around it, for accidents are possible, especially if you're acting in a particularly willful or rebellious manner. Any spiritual practice you engage in may be quite unusual, even revolutionary. It will need to provide a great deal of freedom or even practice detachment. Your dreams are an important source of new information for you, although they may occasionally be shocking or unsettling. You may suffer from sleep disruptions from time to time. Avoid sleeping medications if you can, though. Nothing should come between you and your dreams! You could become quite addicted to technology, feeling that you're lost without the latest gadget, making many of your connections with people you'll never meet in the flesh.

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