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Uranus sextile Pluto

A Sense of Discovery

Kelli Fox

This aspect between two very slow-moving planets will probably not be the most important aspect in your chart. However, it can work in the background to provide a curiosity, a hunger for knowledge that is not given in the normal course of instruction; you want to know what is hidden beneath the surface, and even more, you want to explore areas that are taboo and usually considered off-limits. You can discover some very unusual things when you delve into these subjects!

Your way of looking at things is quite unusual, and in fact you are often able to tweak or change something very slightly that vastly improves it. Innovations please you. As your life develops, you may devote yourself to an organization or ideal that promotes far-reaching change. You are all for peering as far into the future as possible, and making changes that will last beyond your lifetime. You seek, and find, opportunities for revolutionary development that address inequality, hidden agendas and abuse of power.

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