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Uranus sextile Neptune

Part of the Global Village

Kelli Fox

This aspect between two slow-moving planets may not be overly significant all by itself, but it does indicate a couple of things. First of all, you may be attracted to water, which is fine, but do be wary of accidents on or near the water; be sure to exercise good sense and caution when near rivers, lakes or the ocean. You may have an active spiritual life, but it will probably be an unusual practice, perhaps a path that advocates detachment and transcendence.

You'll be quite forward-thinking when it comes to the way you conduct your spiritual life. Technology is of interest to you, and you can make many contacts and connections through your computer and other electronic gadgets. You're part of the global village connected with technology. Be very attentive to your dreams for they can be a wonderful source of information for you, quite futuristic and mind-blowing. Metaphysical studies could be of interest to you, and you'd be a fine student of astrology, able to grasp both the mathematical and the artistic aspects of the art.

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