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Uranus in Taurus

Saving the Environment

Kelli Fox

This is a generational influence that affects everyone born within a seven-year period near the time of your birth. All by itself, this is probably not the most important feature of your chart, but it describes some general conditions that were activated during that period, and to a certain extent, you and those of your generation carry that energy forward with you as you mature and develop. With Uranus in Taurus, the rebellious nature is somewhat subdued, and there is not as much revolt or unrest as at other times.

Breakthroughs are likely to occur in fields such as agriculture, the food industry, banking and investments, and the environment. If there is any arena in which your generation can make the most impact, it's probably in the areas of ecology and the environment. You can become radical in the way you save the earth from the manmade effects of pollution, global warming, species extinction and more.

Uranus in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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    not very useful and not interesting enough for kids and you are offending me. Please make this more interesting if you see this comment. PEACE OUT

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