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Uranus in Sagittarius

Shrinking World, Expanding Universe

Kelli Fox

This is a generational influence that affects everyone born within a seven-year period near the time of your birth. All by itself, this is probably not the most important feature of your chart, but it describes some general conditions that were activated during that period, and to a certain extent, you and those of your generation carry that energy forward with you as you mature and develop. Those with Uranus in Sagittarius will revolutionize the areas of religion, faith, travel, and education.

You and your peers are likely to have very unusual ideas and beliefs about these subjects, and as you grow and mature you'll do things quite differently than your parents did. At your best, you're self-directed in your learning, travel, and spiritual experiences. Science and gadgets appeal to you. Your learning curve shows spurts of insight rather than gradual progress. The world will shrink for this generation, connected as it is by technology; yet our view of the universe will grow.

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