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Uranus conjunct Pluto


Kelli Fox

You were born into a time of radical change that transformed the very way we lived. The changes started at that time still have not completely been incorporated into the world. The themes and issues of this aspect, including earthshaking upheaval, revolutionary change and powerful breakthroughs, were not only evident in the news at the time you were born, but will also manifest in your personal life.

Your generation is now coming into full adulthood and you carry within you the seeds of change. The question is, what kinds of advances will you create? And how will they be implemented? There can be a ruthless quality about this combination, which you will want to be careful about. Change is good, but insisting that everyone in your particular sphere capitulate to your demands won't work -- not for long, anyway. Whether you use this talent for transformation only in your personal life or truly try to change the world depends largely upon other factors in your chart. But the potential is there!

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