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Uranus conjunct North Node

A Unique Perspective

Kelli Fox

You truly march to the beat of a different drummer. The ways in which you are independent, unique and unusual will describe the exact method you should use in order to find your true life path. It's not going to be what you, or anyone else, expects.

One thing you can count on, though, is having helpers along the way. You may meet a series of persons, or a group of persons, who radically change your life and even redirect you toward a new destiny. Toward that end, you may even position yourself in such a way as to maximize your opportunities to meet new people. Joining groups, especially for progressive causes that you espouse, will expose you to a constant stream of new people, which is a healthy condition for you. Don't get too attached to many of them, though, for detachment is another avenue toward your destiny.

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