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Sun unaspected

Master of Your Own Domain

Kelli Fox

On the day you were born, the Sun did not make any direct connections with any other planets. This means you could feel quite a bit more independent than others around you, and perhaps even detached from them. You are, quite literally, self-governing and autonomous.

Queen Elizabeth II has an unaspected Sun, just like you do. There are few overt controls on your life, so you could be quite domineering at times, although you may respond to the expectations of society and culture in general. You probably identify quite a bit with your Sun Sign, which describes your core self -- the things that make you an individual, at a very basic level. The Sun directly influences your self-confidence and self-awareness, as well as your strengths and ambitions and even your faults and shortcomings. Without any other planets restraining your Sun, you can act as an independent agent, and establish yourself in the world according to your own will and effort. You are free and self-determining. You may not connect with other people very easily. You'll decide which areas of your life will receive your incredible focus and drive.

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