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Sun trine Uranus


Kelli Fox

Your mind does not dwell on the past, but races toward the future. There are times when your brain is so full of innovative, forward-thinking concepts and designs that it's all you can do to keep up with yourself. Please record as many of your ideas you can: There are some real gems in there, and you may not always recognize them at first.

Science, technology, and computers hold a real appeal for you. By all means you should keep your computer skills fully up-to-date and well-honed, and stay abreast of new features, programs, and services available on the computer. More than most, you are able to use technology to improve your life without overtaking it. You have a natural skill with technical matters and enjoy learning about scientific discoveries and innovations. Often your ideas are quite cutting-edge, and it may take some time for others to catch up with you. In the meantime, try not to be impatient with them! You tend to see things in a refreshing, unusual way, and often receive information in flashes of insight, even when studying in a traditional fashion. Develop a physical or creative outlet for all your electric energy.

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