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Sun trine Pluto

Master of Insight

Kelli Fox

You're a powerhouse of individual strength and charisma. You're blessed with drive, intensity, and a remarkable ability to understand what makes people tick. You see into their souls and unravel their motivations.

This gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating life, both professional and personal. OK, so you're rather skeptical, but this keeps you keen. You always suspect there's something there under the surface and you have an amazing ability to zero right in on the heart of the matter. Your penetrating insight won't get sidetracked by superfluous details, and you're not sloppy. You're a model of focus and discipline, able to utilize your many inner resources and take advantage of lucky breaks that come your way. You likewise grasp the principle of release versus attachment. Sometimes, it's necessary to let things go, whether that means a person, situation, relationship, home or memory -- whatever it is in your life that holds you in one place, unable to move forward. Like a snake shedding its skin, you grow and change again and again in a natural process of self-development.

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