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Sun trine Jupiter

Bounce-Back Action

Kelli Fox

You are blessed with good fortune and good spirits, a sort of bounce-back action that enables you to jump up and keep going even after encountering those difficult slings and arrows of life. Nothing keeps you down for long. You have a natural optimism, a faith in the future, which shines like a beacon and inspires many people around you.

And indeed, the future always seems to go your way. Almost without your effort, doors open for you and the path is cleared. This occurs not so much because you ask for it as much as because your confidence that everything is going to work out is so strong that circumstances and events seem to bend themselves to your vision. You've a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge that will never be satisfied, making you a lifelong learner. Pursuing education past the required level will be important for you, and as the years go by you'll find yourself more and more drawn to the philosophical underpinnings of the universe. You seek the broader perspective, the bigger picture. Your ability to connect to others makes you a natural teacher and mentor.

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