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Sun square Uranus

Defiant, and Enjoying It

Kelli Fox

Can you blame others for getting annoyed at you? To be perfectly frank, you probably get a charge out it when someone glares at you for yet another social faux pas or outrageous comment. So many of your ideas and actions are completely out in left field.

You make it a point not to do what other people expect you to do, so you've been labeled as -- fancy that! -- 'unpredictable' and even 'undependable.' Not that you particularly care what others think, nor are you willing to adjust your behavior much to suit another. If you did that, you'd soon feel repressed and resentful, and then you'd do something even more shocking, which would offend them, and before you knew it, you'd be in another pickle! Your extreme behavior and beliefs lead to an independent lifestyle and a refusal to be tied down, which is all well and good. The problem is, if you're defiant toward your bosses or other authority figures, they will soon weary of your back-talk and insubordination. Your challenge is to maintain your independence and unusual way of being without letting it permanently affect your life in a negative way. Once you've mastered this, you're home free.

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  1. jimmy on November 23, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    there were a lot of you statements there

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