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Sun square Neptune

Not Quite All Here

Kelli Fox

You seem to be here, but really, you're not. You try to be grounded, but something seems to be preventing you from being completely in your body, or totally present. It's nothing you can put your finger on; it's a vague, uneasy feeling, drawing you into its watery, undefinable realm.

Before you know it, you've forgotten yet another appointment or missed the bus once again. You feel pretty spaced out a lot of the time, and any attempts you make at escaping your everyday responsibilities will probably backfire on you sooner or later. When you explain yourself or try to transmit information to other people, you leave out crucial details, usually because you simply forget them or don't think they're important rather than through deliberate deception. But the result is the same -- sloppy, confusing communication and lots of frustration for everyone. What's in order here are regular measures to ground and center yourself, and enough self-discipline to limit your forays into the other dimension. With these things handled, your creative ability will experience a real surge, and your spiritual angst can lead you on quite a fascinating inner journey.

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