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Sun square Mars

Act First, Think Later

Kelli Fox

A little testy, aren't we? Easily frustrated? Headstrong?

You're not shy, that's for sure, and you're ready to roll on a new project almost the moment it formulates in your brain. Problem is, you're so impatient that you neglect to indulge in any long-term planning, so that no matter how good your idea is, soon you are embroiled in details and engineering principles that you didn't take time to consider before you started. No wonder you have problems -- and no wonder that you wonder how you could have tripped yourself up yet again. Another problem? That short fuse of yours, which can be ignited by nothing more than a funny look or unconsidered word. Before you know it, you're in a towering rage. That would explain why your mother had you in Anger Management classes when you were seven! Seriously, this is an area where you will have your work cut out for you, and fortunately, an area where you can make a huge amount of progress. With effort and attention you can turn that short fuse into a legendary ability to express your assertion and anger in the most effective ways. And isn't that a lot better than hauling off and clobbering someone?

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