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Sun square Jupiter


Kelli Fox

If you frequently feel that you know more than anyone else, take that as a danger sign. You're smart enough; that's not the problem. Trouble is, you're not teachable.

You're so sure that you already know everything and you're so set in your opinion that you don't listen, even to pertinent information. Which is really too bad because you've got the potential to be quite a good student and even a teacher. But in order to be a successful mentor to others, you've got to tone down the arrogance a bit. Pay your dues. Stay in the trenches awhile before you start to climb the academic ladder. You don't get to be department head your first year out. Yes, yes, you want it all now, even though you know in your heart that it's impossible. Instead of gnashing your teeth over what you don't yet have, or chomping at the bit of your freedom, bide your time. Do a good job, be humble, and learn everything you can. You can transform your know-it-all attitude and open up your ears to listen. You'll be making big strides in your personal development, and the added bonus is that people will be more likely to listen to you.

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