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Sun sextile Uranus

A Refreshing Outlook

Kelli Fox

You've got a good capacity to be forward-thinking and independent, yet you're not so weird that people look at you funny. You've got a fresh perspective and a great ability to perceive and incorporate beneficial changes without tossing out the old system. You're refreshing to talk to; intelligent, perceptive, independent.

Original, new ideas appeal to you and you're smart and educated enough not to be fooled by old material even when it's dressed up in new clothes. Your mind is active and creative, so your ideas are not only unusual but also generally beneficial. Your outlook is progressive and you truly desire to make the world a better place, often by means of technology, science, or computers. Change and variety are important elements of your life so you do better when your schedule is not rigid, but rather when it leaves plenty of room for adjustment and alterations. Your tastes are perhaps a bit eccentric and modernistic; you prefer chrome and sleek lines to overstuffed Victorian furniture. Fortunately your inner sense of freedom enables you to live by your own standards, and you don't particularly care what others think.

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