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Sun sextile Saturn

Worker Bee

Kelli Fox

You're a real worker bee. You've got a good strong work ethic which compels you to be responsible, to labor long and hard and produce results. You see opportunities and selectively act on the ones that seem most promising, ones that will further you along your chosen path and profession.

Organization and a good sense of priorities give you a head start when you tackle projects at work or in your private life. You're great at creating a plan for executing the work you need to do, and are flexible enough to incorporate changes when the situation demands it. You take great satisfaction in a job well done, particularly if you've done it yourself. At the end of the day, you're able to lay down your hammer and leave your work where it belongs, so your job does not often interfere with your home life. You perform best when sticking to a regular schedule that includes exercise, especially routines that develop muscular strength, and plenty of rest, because you tend to drive yourself pretty hard. As part of a team, you demonstrate leadership without being dictatorial. You focus on what needs to be done, and make sure it happens in a timely manner.

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