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Sun sextile Neptune

Sweetly Sensitive

Kelli Fox

There's a sweet, imaginative side to your nature that begs for expression through art, music, and a devotion to the spiritual side of existence. You have a natural ability to give life to your imaginative urges, so playing musical instruments or developing creative hobbies and pastimes comes naturally to you. You are continually inspired to make beautiful things, and to share them with others through your naturally generous and giving spirit.

You are kind and courteous, with a strong intuitive capacity, so you can tell how others are feeling without them having to say anything. Unconsciously, you respond to them and comfort them. People like being around you for this reason, because you are soothing, sympathetic, and compassionate. You're a very sensitive soul, and probably don't like violent movies or books because they affect you too strongly. It's important to listen to this part of yourself and not try to deny it, thereby desensitizing yourself. Instead, provide yourself with a soft home environment, filled with lovely things and images that speak to you and vibrate pleasantly or meaningfully within you. Let outer calm be the manifestation of your inner tranquility.

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