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Sun sextile Mars

Warm and Energetic

Kelli Fox

You're a happy blend of inspiration and energy, creativity and passion, soul and action. You're blessed with ample energy that is strong yet stable, so you're able to control its flow all the way from the beginning, through the middle, and to the end of any project. No collapsing midstream for you!

Your natural enthusiasm raises the spirits of those around you and helps you support those in need. You work equally well by yourself and on a team. You take initiative when it's needed but are also open to listening to other ideas; you're smart enough to recognize a good concept when you see it, and brave enough to jump on it. Not easily intimidated, you have enough gumption to stick to your path even in the face of adversity, yet you are not so stubborn that you carry on when your efforts are clearly being wasted. You have a natural athletic ability and particularly enjoy whacking at things. Tennis, anyone? Good exercise is vital for you to keep your energy flowing and your strength up. Plus, disciplined exercise enhances your already strong work ethic. You could have invented the phrase 'Just do it!'

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