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Sun sextile Jupiter

Looking on the Bright Side

Kelli Fox

You're blessed with a sunny spirit and optimistic nature. You just can't help yourself from looking on the bright side of things, and why wouldn't you want to? Your attitude is surely more positive and healthy than those old doom-and-gloom naysayers who find nothing but negativity in the world.

It's not that you're unrealistic; your keen mind is too alert for you not to realize that there are things that need to be fixed. But you refuse to let it get you down. You recognize the power of good will in your life; you know that being generous and giving of yourself leads to an inner reward that is far greater than any external recognition ever could be. You've got a warm, tolerant personality and can talk with just about anyone. You especially like young people and have a way of connecting with them and making them feel like your equal. Don't be surprised when they look up to you with fond regard. You know there is nothing more valuable that you can give to another than your time and energy; those are priceless.

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