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Sun quincunx Pluto

You Need to Know

Kelli Fox

Issues of power and control are central to your personal concerns. Once you make up your mind on something, it is very difficult to change it, as you are very resistant to change. You are persistent and dogmatic, which is sometimes beneficial -- you don't give up easily -- and sometimes less so -- you can get obsessive.

Research and investigation are natural-born skills for you; with your tenacity and nose for identifying what's important and what isn't, you'll get to the truth faster than anyone else. You have a powerful need to know exactly what to expect, which, of course, is virtually impossible, but that doesn't stop you from trying. You worry a lot about the future and can become quite the pessimist, always expecting the worst. You tend to overanalyze every person, relationship and situation in your life, exploring every motivation and permutation of what did or could happen. This makes it very difficult to be in the present, if you're brooding about the past or fixated on the future. Breathe in deeply. Be here now.

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