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Sun quincunx Neptune

Spiritual Inclinations

Kelli Fox

Your overactive imagination takes you on many mind trips, distracting you from the tasks you should be doing and giving you a reputation for being dreamy and spaced out. You often feel uncertain of yourself, but you try to ignore the self-doubt that plagues you and instead seek the reassurance from others that you don't seem able to give yourself. When you're not sure of what you want, it's difficult to make up your mind.

You often have hidden motives that even you aren't aware of, which compel decisions that you may not understand. You may have to fight escapist tendencies and an addictive urge in some form or another. The very positive side of this aspect is the spiritual and creative energy it supplies. The search for the divine can become a motivation that you're very aware of, one that shapes your decisions and actions. And that creative streak deserves an outlet, so that the world can see the inner beauty you possess.

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