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Sun quincunx Mars

Resolving Anger Issues

Kelli Fox

You have some interesting issues when it comes to the subject of personal power and how you exert yourself. You have plenty of energy and the need to express it, but many times you hold yourself back from full self-expression, because you think you may come on too strong or you fear that others just won't grasp what you're trying to do. Oddly enough, you may be too sensitive to what others think, when you really need to focus more on yourself and learn how to overcome your personal inhibitions.

The expression of anger may bring up similar issues: Holding back causes the anger to build up inside you, where it becomes either explosive or comes out in passive-aggressive behavior. Your best bet is to express your anger immediately and completely, and then let it go. Once you learn to recognize and moderate your energy and your anger, you'll feel a lot less frustrated. You'll also then be able to find leadership potential that you can develop.

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