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Sun opposite Uranus

Lightning Rod

Kelli Fox

There is a high-strung, electric energy surging through you that is difficult to control and almost impossible to diminish. It feels like this energy originates outside of yourself and simply flows through you, like a flash of lightning through a lightning rod. How are you supposed to control that?

The manifestations of this energy in your life are widespread and include a nervous disposition, disruptive behavior, rebelliousness, and outright defiance from time to time. You may not even want to act that way, and may feel bad about some of the things you do. As you grow and mature, it becomes necessary to find ways to harness this energy and try to put it to good use. Although it may seem as if the problems come from outside yourself, they actually begin inside of you. The outer circumstances are a picture of the inner reality. Try to find a middle ground, a more central place of expression. Engage in practices and habits that help you feel more grounded and stable. Give your electric energy an outlet through physical exercise and creative endeavor. In this more evolved state, you can become an amazing channel for futuristic energies.

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