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Sun opposite Pluto

Power Mirror

Kelli Fox

You have an immense amount of personal power, but you tend to spend it on relationships of all sorts, including family members, lovers, and bosses. Every relationship becomes a potential arena for growth and development. That is, if you can stop projecting all your power issues onto others!

As a young person, you may have not gotten along with one of your parents, or perhaps a sibling. These early challenges set up the patterns for your relational difficulties as an adult. Authority issues can be a real problem, especially if you always feel like you know more than other people, and your superiors in particular. It's important that you learn to accept your own faults and problems and not to act as if the other person is always to blame. Being stuck in this psychological condition stunts personal growth and prevents you from improving yourself or your relationships. Instead, learn to utilize other people as mirrors, showing you parts of yourself that you need to see. Pay particular attention if multiple people tell you the same thing about yourself; it's probably true! Once you learn to recognize and develop these parts of yourself, true growth will occur and your relationships will improve -- an outer manifestation of the inner change.

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