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Sun opposite Neptune

Urge to Merge

Kelli Fox
Sun opposite Neptune

It's odd. You're a real romantic, yet you often feel mystified or inexplicably overwhelmed by your partners. Somehow, at some point in every relationship, your ideals seem to dissolve in the reality of the person sitting across the table from you.

In no way are they your equal. But by the time that happens, you've already merged with them psychologically and emotionally. You fall in love far too easily and develop connections too readily, your heart being disengaged from your brain. Sob stories never fail to get your attention, so you often wind up with folks who need your compassion and selfless devotion -- people who are needy, or addicted, or perhaps simply ill. Boundary issues can become a problem from either side. One or both of you can invade the other's territory, in terms of possessions, psyche or personal space. To make matters worse, you tend to project your less stellar qualities onto your partner, blaming them for behaviors that you are most guilty of. As you mature, your romantic instincts can be a metaphor for your spiritual journey. The love you seek is available when you merge with the Oneness of the universe.

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