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Sun in Virgo

Seeker of Perfection

Kelli Fox

It's not easy being a Virgo. People label you as picky and critical, but they miss the point, don't they? What underlies your exactitude -- that's the important thing.

If they bothered to look down there they'd find the part of you that wants to make a difference in the world, in a practical way. You're sensible and pragmatic and you have a strong desire to help. You see all the ways that things could be better, and it's hard not to spread yourself too thin as you try to improve everything at once. At heart, you are a seeker of perfection, and perfection is a rare commodity here on planet Earth. Consequently, you're frequently disappointed or disillusioned. You have high standards and impossible ideals, and you all-too-quickly recognize what fails to live up to your hopes and expectations. You're sensitive in many ways and probably have to watch what you eat so as not to upset your stomach. But the truth is, you have endurance and can put up with a lot. You'll feel much better if you live a wholesome lifestyle. Learning to relax and enjoy nature and the simple pleasures in life is a wonderful way for you to increase your feel-good moments and decrease the anxiety you sometimes feel.

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