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Sun in Sagittarius

Life Is a Highway

Kelli Fox

Always the adventurer, your life stretches out in front of you like a long ribbon of highway. Who knows where the road leads, or what side trips you may be tempted to make along the way? The important thing is that you're participating, moving along from one new experience to the next, always striving to learn, to grow, and to have an ever-increasing understanding of the world in which you live.

Travel far and near is highly recommended for you. Immediate experience is best but secondary experiences are valuable too -- those you find in books, movies, and conversations with people who are very different than you are. At every step, you attempt to synthesize and incorporate what you've just learned with what you already know, ever seeking the bigger picture and chasing down the truth. Your outlook is universal and your approach broad. It's best if you can encourage your intellect and curiosity by pursuing education beyond the required levels. In your case, knowledge is truly power. You need a lot of personal freedom to move about at your will. You're spirited, generous, and fun-loving, so naturally you have lots of friends and enjoy social events. Your sense of humor may be offbeat and goofy but others indulge you in this.

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  1. Siw Fang on December 2, 2016 at 10:24 am

    tq for sharing Kelli?

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