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Sun in Libra

A Lover, Not a Fighter

Kelli Fox

You're a lover, not a fighter. You'd much prefer everyone to just get along, and you're distressed by fights, arguments, and disagreements. You do your part to make the world -- and your immediate environment -- a more harmonious place.

Instinctively knowing how to treat other people with respect and courtesy, you make acquaintances easily and, better yet, can bring people together. Friends capitalize on your natural diplomatic skills, making you a go-between for people who are not getting along. Your mediation skills are legendary and others often seek you out when they need a good listener and a fair, balanced view of things. Your ability to see both sides of an issue helps you in negotiations, but also contributes to your extreme indecision. Making up your mind can be a huge challenge. And even after you decide something, you often second-guess yourself or change your mind! You are very sincere in each moment, but your feelings can change in an instant. Since you are so nice and so want to be liked and admired by others, and because you don't like any unpleasantness, you bend over backward to avoid confrontation. You're afraid of offending people. But what exactly are you afraid of? You'll never be able to please everyone, and despite your fears, no one will dislike you for telling your truth. In fact, honesty will dramatically increase the respect you receive from others.

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