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Sun in Gemini

Mercurial Mind

Kelli Fox

As a Gemini, you're most likely a lot of fun to be around. You are rather cerebral, living in your head rather than in your body, and as a rule, your decisions are logically based, not emotionally. Even choices that are made on the basis of your feelings are processed through the mental system.

Your moods, ideas, and opinions can change in an instant; in some ways you are mercurial and inconstant. You are very curious and love to learn new things, reading everything you can get your hands on and surfing the Internet as much as possible. You mind loves to flit from one thing to another. This, combined with your insatiable curiosity, means that you can get bored rather quickly. Your attention span is fairly short and you often don't delve beyond appearances, nor do you often dive beneath the surface of most subjects. VArity rather than depth is your strength. When you are relaxed, you are delightfully playful. You're quite social and know a lot of people; between your address book and your wide range of interests, you can make an excellent networker, hooking people up with suitable partners and opportunities. You can never go astray when you strive to improve your communications and connections with others.

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