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Sun in Aries

Number One

Kelli Fox

At best, you radiate leadership, passion and energy. At worst, you're self-absorbed, crass and abrupt. In reality, you're probably somewhere in between; the question is, toward which end of the continuum do you fall?

No one can fault you for lack of courage. You fearlessly rush in where others tremble to go -- perhaps out of curiosity, but more likely out of a need to be first. Great at beginning things, you may not be so good at finishing them; and you probably have several (if not many!) unfinished projects tucked away in your closet or garage. With all that energy, exercise is really important for you; it keeps your body working efficiently as well as giving you an outlet for your impatience and possibly your anger. You do have a rather short temper, getting hot under the collar for little reason and occasionally bursting into tantrums. The good news is, like a thunderstorm, when your tantrums are over, they're over. Always in a hurry, you tend to speed along, inviting accidents, especially to the head. So wear a helmet to protect that vulnerable area of your body when you're riding a bike or a motorcycle! You're creative and inspiring, with a youthful verve that will keep you young beyond your years. You are refreshingly honest, and say just what you think. Not everyone finds this a pleasant trait, but you must be true to yourself.

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