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Sun conjunct Venus

Butterflies to a Flower

Kelli Fox

You're a lover, not a fighter, that's for sure. You were born with strong social skills and no doubt count many as your friends. A natural ability to be nice and to help other people feel comfortable gives you the edge when it comes to forming relationships and maintaining peaceful connections.

Others look to you when they argue and disagree, because you have a knack for understanding both sides and finding areas of agreement. You start from there to forge alliances and bring people together, even when the odds are stacked against you. You know that first impressions are important so you may spend a lot of time on your appearance, and a lot of your money on stylish, well-made clothes. Your innate good taste and sense of harmony and beauty give you a champagne taste; nothing but the best for you! The joys of Retail Therapy are well-known to you, and you are a generous friend, spending freely on people you love. For this reason, you should work early on to develop discipline with money, for debt does not become you! Try using your creative ability to make gifts rather than purchasing them. Your magnetic nature draws others to you like butterflies to a flower.

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