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Sun conjunct Uranus

Independent Thinker

Kelli Fox

You're not the normal cup of tea. No matter what your Sun sign is, you don't fully identify with or relate to the themes and characteristics of that sign. You refuse to be categorized or easily defined.

You like to feel different from everyone else around you, and may even define yourself as 'not this' and 'not that.' You might associate with very conservative people, because they provide a foil for the more unusual aspects of your personality. You're more comfortable with change than most people are, and have the ability to see what's approaching in the future and hop on the bandwagon before anyone else even sees it coming. Your original thinking means you're far ahead of your time, and by the time others have caught up with you, you've moved on to something else daring, new and interesting. A rebellious attitude may give you some trouble at various points throughout your life, because you are not simply going to cave in to whatever the prevailing paradigm happens to be: You're way too progressive for that! Science and technology have a strong appeal for you, stimulating your creative mind and challenging you to master new skills so you can take advantage of new information.

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  1. Lazlo on April 24, 2019 at 9:02 am

    Very true ! I have an exact Uranus conjunction on my capricorn sun and most ppl cant believe I’m a cap. It’s a fun mix between Saturn and Uranus, I’m thankful for that one, even tho my opposite Cancer moon makes it hard to deal with all the crazy things I put myself into. Thanks for the article ! cheers

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