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Sun conjunct Saturn

Inner Tension

Kelli Fox

You hold yourself to a higher standard than you expect from other people, and a higher standard than other people expect from you. Why are you so hard on yourself? The answer to this question lies deep in your psychological history.

From an early age, you've been plagued with the feeling that you're not good enough. You live with the constant, self-inflicted fear that your work is inferior, that you'll get fired or receive a low grade from your professor. All this despite the fact that few are as responsible, hard-working, or thorough as you are! You worry that you don't work hard enough when in fact you run circles around everyone else. Your sense of inner responsibility demands that you do your best in every moment. Deep down, this anxiety is rooted in fear that you are not safe, that whatever security you do have could be yanked out from under you. This creates a monumental inner tension that becomes the driving force in your life. The biggest danger is self-limitation. You see only one way to do things, and regularly back yourself into a corner. Stop worrying! And repeat regular self-affirming mantras to yourself to overcome the false fear that you are not good enough. You're much better than you give yourself credit for.

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