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Sun conjunct North Node

Direction on the Path of Life

Kelli Fox

Your life path is like a carrot always dangling right in front of you, one you can never quite reach no matter how hard you try. You are spurred on by deep inner drives that you barely understand, in directions you are not familiar with. You instinctively understand that you have a higher purpose of some sort, something you're supposed to do or develop that extends beyond the day-to-day living that occupies so much of your time and energy.

There is something more for you to do. You have a purpose, a destiny. Your mission is to identify your destiny, and try to fulfill it. The problem is that many times, you are fully involved in your destiny without even realizing it! Let your inner voice guide you. It will lead you along the right path and help you develop those areas that will fulfill your need to become something more than you are today -- something you were born to do. The Universe will support you as you move toward your personal light, becoming all you can be.

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