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Sun conjunct Neptune

Trying to Make Heaven on Earth

Kelli Fox

Like a chameleon, you change from time to time and place to place. There's something insubstantial about you, as if you are barely incorporated here on the earth plane. You've got one foot in this world and the other foot in the ethers, that vast nebulous realm that surrounds us yet is impossible to see.

It's not easy being in both worlds at the same time. You know you truly belong over there, but are required to be here now, at least for the present. The result? You hover. You go back and forth, unable to be decisive. You make many attempts to escape this world through a variety of means, not all of them healthy. You see the world through your idealistic mindset and dreamy vision, which means that you do not always perceive what's actually going on correctly, and you are not motivated by the same things that motivate other people -- money, for example. You're gullible and therefore open to being taken advantage of. The sublime language of art and music appeals to you. It's important that your living surroundings are soft, soothing, and filled with lovely things. Doing this creates the heaven on earth that you so strongly seek, and truly need.

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  1. Assounta Severin on August 31, 2016 at 3:40 am

    Woww KellI thank you for letting me see the truth about me because that is exactly who i’am & how I think & see life as . Please continue being bless and i’m glad to subscribe to your page.

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