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Sun conjunct Mars


Kelli Fox

You're quite the powerhouse, aren't you? Full of spunk and energy, you're up early and out the door first. Fearless and brave, you're often the one to come up with a plan -- usually quite an original one -- and then you expect everyone else to automatically fall in line.

You're honest to a fault and not shy about expressing yourself. A regular exercise regimen is hugely important, so that you can keep all that energy focused, harnessed, and directed. Otherwise you're all over the place, like a fire hose on the loose. A couple of problems can arise as a result of your excessive inner fire. One is that you're impulsive -- you act before you think. You grab the football and start running down the field; how far will you get before you realize that you're all by yourself? Another issue is your temper. As a youth, your fuse was probably pretty short. With time and experience you've struggled to keep it under control, learning to choose your battles carefully. You are more than willing to fight for what you believe in. Although you may come on a little too strong for some people, you don't let that get you down. You've got a powerful personality and you know it. If anyone chooses not to be around you, it's their loss!

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