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Saturn unaspected


Kelli Fox

You have very definite ideas about responsibility, duty and what's important in life. Your inner drive is quite strong, and you feel compelled to achieve a great deal and to behave responsibly. You may be far too serious and have difficulty leaving work and just relaxing.

There are no limits to your sense of inner discipline and severity, giving these feelings free rein to compel you to work much harder than others, and yet you never feel satisfied that you've done enough. You'll probably be known for your serious attitude, incredible work ethic and no-nonsense personality. You'll have to make concerted efforts to connect with others so you don't feel lonely. You may look down on others who know how to play and relax, which seems very childish and immature to you, yet you could actually learn a lot from them if you would let down your hair a little bit from time to time. Not much, just a little, would help a lot.

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