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Saturn trine Uranus

Order from Chaos

Kelli Fox

Your gift is not only to create order from chaos, but also to grasp how old and established systems can be redesigned and innovated to be new and exciting again. Better than most, you are able to extract what is valuable and useful from the old system, and then improve it to fit into an entirely new system. You have a natural curiosity and urge to learn, coupled with a need for information to be logical and orderly; this combination of discipline and imagination helps you find those creative solutions that amaze everyone else around you.

A strong need for freedom doesn't prevent you from moving through rigid structures; in fact, your independence probably enables you to move more quickly than many. However, you have little patience for arbitrary rules and regulations, and even less tolerance for inconsistent authority. Your thirst for knowledge may focus on technology, computers or even astrology. You are at your best when you support a cause in which you believe strongly. Very likely this cause will involve a new idea, technique or development that is encountering stiff resistance from the status quo. Your strength is to find the narrow way between the two, taking what you need from the old and modifying the new until an agreement is reached.

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