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Saturn square Pluto

A Challenge, but a Potential Strength

Kelli Fox

You were born into global issues such as responsible use of power, the struggle for survival and the fear of loss. These themes will be evident in the events and culture around the time of your birth, and will also be clearly felt in your own personal life. This is a rather heavy energy.

Safety and security issues are a key motivation in most of your major life decisions, and you probably have a chronic, underlying fear of losing your security or resources. Secretly hoarding things is a sure sign that this is so. You've got major authority issues and probably distrust the government to take care of you. You may have a subversive side, even if you don't permit others to see it. There can even be a hidden (or not-so-hidden) cruel side. You have plenty of guts and willpower but you will find obstacles and barriers that block your way. How you handle these frustrations will determine how valuable this aspect can become for you. When you muscle up, demonstrate discipline and responsibility, and develop endurance and strength, then you will have capitalized on some of the benefits of this contact. Remember, though, you have to work for them. They don't come easy.

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  1. Dianne Clark on July 15, 2019 at 9:52 am

    Born in 1956, this was right on. Thank you. Yes, very hard life, but the steel like strength developed is what I ‘ve needed.

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