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Saturn square North Node

Questioning Your Direction

Kelli Fox

No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to sort out what you're supposed to do in this lifetime. What is your special mission in life? You struggle to understand it but whenever you make a choice, sooner or later you end up questioning your direction and starting from zero once again.

You may cling to memories of past lives, or early memories of this one, when it seemed to you that life was golden. Or, you may regard these past experiences with guilt or fear if the memories aren't quite so pleasant. You look fearfully at the future and resist any change that might propel you there. You tell yourself that others depend on you, so you can't really go where you want, and you remain pinned in the present. These feelings are likely to improve with age and maturity, when you have less daily responsibility and can take more time for yourself without guilt.

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