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Saturn opposite Uranus

Opposing Forces

Kelli Fox

In some way, you'll embody certain challenges and difficulties such as restriction of freedom, oppression, radically new ideas and concepts forcefully confronting the established structure. In ways large and small, these themes will be played out in your life. You may find that whenever you attempt to assert your individuality and freedom, you are immediately challenged by circumstances, authority figures or senseless (to you) rules and regulations.

You could just as easily be either the rebellious student or the riot police. While you have a strong sense of inner responsibility and discipline, there is also a very willful part of your personality that may take over from time to time. Either of these parts could also be projected onto another person, especially a partner. When this happens, one of you may act in ways that are very disruptive and surprising for the people around you, defying all the rules. As you mature and grow from your youthful errors in judgment, you'll be able to bring out the best of this planetary combination, bringing order out of chaos and combining the old with the new for creative solutions to chronic problems.

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