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Saturn opposite Pluto

Projections of Power

Kelli Fox

You were born into global issues such as responsible use of power, the struggle for survival and the fear of loss. These themes will be evident in the events and culture around the time of your birth, and will also be clearly felt in your own personal life. This is a rather heavy energy.

Safety and security issues are a key motivation in most of your major life decisions, and you probably have a chronic, underlying fear of losing your security or resources. Secretly hoarding things is a sure sign that this is so. You've got major authority issues, which you may project onto parents, teachers, bosses and policemen. You resent being told what to do, feeling quite secure in your own ambition and power. Unfortunately, you often don't listen to others or learn from them, and you end up reinventing the wheel, so to speak. You don't learn from others' experience and even have trouble learning from your own due to your stubborn mindset. Relationships may be troublesome projections of blame and anger unless other aspects in your chart indicate great flexibility. You get defensive easily and strive to have the upper hand at all times, no matter the cost. A strong experience in relinquishing power may be a lifetime lesson for you.

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