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Saturn opposite North Node

Karmic Opportunities

Kelli Fox

You come into this lifetime with some very weighty issues in the karma department. You may have vague, free-floating feelings of guilt or fear, or be terrified that you could lose everything in one fell moment. These are memories from past lives that you can't quite recall, but the emotional content lives on in your psyche.

You dread the past and yet cling to it. You had authority in previous lifetimes and probably act like you still do. One karmic relationship after another is your likely experience, starting right at home in your family of origin. This is difficult because your relatives keep you rooted in the past, which you need to move away from. Romantic partnerships are another arena that is fertile with karmic relationships, especially intimate ones. Not just romantic contacts are affected, though. Friends, work relationships and business associates are other prime areas for the chance to straighten out some karma. You'll have plenty of opportunities once you start looking for them.

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  1. Don Rico on March 16, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    You hit the nail on the head. It was worth wading through the mire, putting up with the ‘betrayal’, stomping my feet, and bewailing my fate. For in the 80th year it came around, the payoff for having done the right thing. She’d wanted out of the marriage after twenty years and just asked me to stay till her dad, who’d come to hospice with us, died. We sat together on the bed with him as he passed. She got the house, I took the pick-up; and whined about it for the first decade while I buried my dad, my mom, and my brother. Another decade past and I got tired of griping, so I just put her out of my mind, the love and the anger. I’d heard she got cancer a couple years back, sent her a card. Then I got a call she was on her last legs, at home with hospice care. I called her and told her I loved her and went to visit. The love was there. And it was where I was supposed to be. First thing she said was,” Dying’s not a bad thing.” Her neighbor asked if I was her ex- husband. I said “I was formerly her husband. Now I am back again. You know, till death do us part.” The first night I slept in the chair with the dog, the next four I lay beside her in the hospital bed. Her boys were there, and her brother. I cooked for them. As she began to rattle I called the boys in and she died.. From being with her when her dad died to being with her when she passed. That’s a wrap. You can;’t make that shit up. I had two strikes against me and hit a home run. So yeah, sometimes you get some real opportunities. Thanks for your column. DR

    • Kelli Fox on March 17, 2019 at 2:29 pm

      Don, your story touched me. Thanks for sharing. Kelli

  2. Isabelle on April 8, 2019 at 11:25 am

    I have my north node in libra 7th house opposite my saturn in aries 1st house which is also conjunct my south note ( aries, first house)

    I’m afraid i keep getting feeling rejected in close relationships, like the pattern keeps repeating itself. Also with friends and family . I experienced alot of rejection which feels really karmic? . How do you break out of it or am I doomed to get this repeated my whole life?

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