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Saturn opposite North Node

Karmic Opportunities

Kelli Fox

You come into this lifetime with some very weighty issues in the karma department. You may have vague, free-floating feelings of guilt or fear, or be terrified that you could lose everything in one fell moment. These are memories from past lives that you can't quite recall, but the emotional content lives on in your psyche.

You dread the past and yet cling to it. You had authority in previous lifetimes and probably act like you still do. One karmic relationship after another is your likely experience, starting right at home in your family of origin. This is difficult because your relatives keep you rooted in the past, which you need to move away from. Romantic partnerships are another arena that is fertile with karmic relationships, especially intimate ones. Not just romantic contacts are affected, though. Friends, work relationships and business associates are other prime areas for the chance to straighten out some karma. You'll have plenty of opportunities once you start looking for them.

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