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Saturn opposite Neptune

Inner Conflict

Kelli Fox

Themes that will resound throughout your life are reality versus illusion, transcending boundaries and the dissolution of established structures. Not only did these themes pervade the news and culture when you were born, but they will also be apparent in your personal life as well. With this aspect in your chart, it is difficult to get a perspective on reality.

Either your dreams pervade your waking life, or you feel worn down and hopeless that your hopes and ideals will ever be realized. There may be father issues in your family; perhaps your father was not able to fulfill his parental responsibilities due to absence or illness. At any rate, you long for an effective father figure as well as for some sort of sustainable and sensible rules and boundaries. You may be the melancholy sort, or even suffer from chronic or periodic depression. There may be some sort of sacrifice or renunciation on your part in order to achieve something that is important to you. Partnerships can be problematic with this aspect, because it's possible that any of the aforementioned qualities can be projected onto your partner. In this situation it is very difficult to get to the bottom of things with yourself and your partner, although that it what is required if you are to sort things out between you.

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