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Saturn in Virgo


Kelli Fox

Stop worrying! It doesn't solve anything and turns you into a nervous wreck. It's unnecessary, too, since it distracts you from doing anything practical, an area where you really shine.

One of your fundamental lessons in life is to learn how to be of service in a pragmatic, useful way. So you work hard toward this end. No one hates wasted work more than you do, so you make every effort to ensure that your hard work accomplishes something worthwhile. You don't even mind if it takes awhile to produce results; in fact, you rather expect it to be that way. You also expect nothing less than perfection, and that's a tall order for people around you (such as your family, employees, students or anyone else under your direction). Those impossibly high standards create stress for them, and for you too, although you may not want to admit it. Somewhere along the line, you may have to learn to relax some of your fussiness and learn to make do with slightly-less-than-perfect, which, in most cases, works just fine. Learn when things are good enough, and you'll enjoy life a lot more.

Saturn in Virgo in the Solar Return Chart

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