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Saturn in Taurus


Kelli Fox

You are a force to behold when it comes to work. Your endurance is legendary, and the amount of work you can produce is truly staggering. You strive for practical results and do not like wasted effort.

Your pace is steady and methodical; some might even call it plodding. But your output cannot be disputed. A large part of your motivation for such an output of effort is security. You have a chronic, underlying fear that you will run out of money or resources -- that somehow, you will not have enough when you're old. Consequently, you may pinch pennies or have a poverty mentality when there's no reason for it, living far below your means but having plenty of savings. Part of your karmic lesson is to learn how to handle money and resources in a balanced way, neither wasting nor hoarding them. You can be frightfully stubborn and bullheaded, obstinately clinging to your position or opinion despite plenty of evidence to contradict it. On the other hand, you have an unlimited devotion and loyalty and always operate with integrity, so on many levels you are an excellent businessperson. Don't be so rigid that you can't change.

Saturn in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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