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Saturn in Scorpio

Overcoming Fear

Kelli Fox

Your drive and endurance and the depth of your strength and will are amazing. Not that they are always visible, because these qualities run deep in you, not necessarily on the surface. However, they create the foundation upon which your decisions are made and your life evolves.

And the soil underneath the foundation? That would be fear: Fear that even if you are safe and secure now, you won't be in the future. This type of anxiety results in some sort of action that will help allay your fears -- behaviors such as living far below your means, or hoarding, or, more sensibly, saving regularly to ensure your future. This fear also extends to your intimate relationships. You feel compelled to take care of yourself because your core belief is that others can't be trusted to take care of you. Of course, then you seem to attract partners who can't or won't take care of you. This belief can be very isolating, because of your chronic mistrust. The good news is that you can change it by honestly addressing your core fears and working to alleviate them by understanding yourself. When you reach a healthier psychological state, you not only maintain those important qualities of strength, drive, and endurance, but you can also have the authentic intimate relationship you desire.

Saturn in Scorpio in the Solar Return Chart

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