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Saturn in Pisces

Fear of Ghosts

Kelli Fox

You could spend a lot of time worrying and being fearful about things that aren't even real. When you become courageous enough to face down your fears, they often evaporate into nothing. Nonetheless you may have to cope with a chronic insecurity about the future; even though things are fine today, the rug could be yanked out from under you at any moment.

Or so you believe! You take a dim view of subjects that you cannot verify with your own senses or experience; faith does not come easily to you. It can be a struggle to stay grounded, especially during those times when you'd rather throw in the towel. You might suffer from periodic depression, and during those times it's difficult to remember that the fallow period has an important place in the cycle of life. It's very likely that you work hard to project a specific image of yourself, by acting or dressing a certain way, or being very careful about your hair, clothes or cosmetics. This image may or may not reflect the true reality of who you are. The creative part of you will have occasional blocks and obstacles, but at other times you're capable of marvelous works of manifested creation.

Saturn in Pisces in the Solar Return Chart

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