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Saturn in Libra

The Steady Hand of Justice

Kelli Fox

You are the steady hand of justice. You have the wisdom of Solomon, or at least you are on your way in that direction. You are respectable and sober, with a very strong inner sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Integrity is hugely important to you. Needless to say, with your gifts and abilities, you rise to the top like a cork in the ocean. Social respectability is yours to have if you work to earn it. A career in law, government, or politics may appeal to you and you may simply find yourself steering in that direction almost without trying. Discernment and the ability to weigh many factors at once into your decision-making process are also natural gifts that simply take attention and practice to develop. You'd make a great diplomat because not only do you enjoy bringing people together, you're good at it. You bring a sense of serious responsibility to your relationships; you understand their importance and are willing to work on them. Choose your professional and romantic partners with care, because together, you can achieve much.

Saturn in Libra in the Solar Return Chart

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